​​Exercise Track Support Volunteer Help Patients in Cardiac Rehab Journey

Picture of Jo-Ann J.

Jo-Ann James is one of our stellar Exercise Track Support Volunteers who supports our Cardiac Rehab Class at the Rumsey Centre. Her role is to provide assistance to patients during their track exercise program. She consults with appropriate staff prior to exercise sessions for specific instructions/updates.  She then accompanies the patient to and from exercise track in a one-to-one peer support setting.

Jo-Ann shared that she is the eyes and ears for the staff supervisors and she feels valued and included by all staff members. The volunteers' focus is to have empathy and understanding as they support and motivate patients during a difficult and challenging time. The patients are encouraged not to give up and that there is always light at the end of tunnel.  Furthermore, she feels proud to be part of a revolutionizing rehab facility - helping people overcome injuries and recover from illness and age-related health conditions so they can live independent lives. 

This positive and supportive learning environment has inspired Jo-Ann to volunteer with us for the past three years. She challenges all potential volunteers to join her in this patient support role, enhance the organization and be part of the Toronto Rehab team.

​Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – Rumsey Centre

The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program and the Staying on Track Program are supported by amazing volunteers. The Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program is the largest outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program of its kind in North America. Each year, more than 1,800 patients are treated in this program and most are recovering from various forms of heart disease and/or heart surgery.  The Staying on Track Program offers twice weekly drop-in exercise classes available to program graduates.  Participants are able to complete their exercise independently at the Rumsey Centre under the supervision of a Cardiac Rehab staff member.  The ultimate goal of this program is to help patients maintain and/or improve their cardiovascular fitness and lead heart healthy lifestyles.

Carol Newman – Program Coordinator, Volunteer Resources​

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