7/13/2021Study finds disparity in pay for female ophthalmologists in Ontario, Canada
7/8/2021Concussion calculator predicts recovery time, risk of long-term symptoms
6/4/2021UHN announces first-in-Canada Social Medicine Modular Housing in Parkdale, in partnership with the City and United Way Greater Toronto
6/3/2021AI outperforms humans in creating cancer treatments, but do doctors trust it?  It depends!
5/7/2021Turning a pancreatic cancer cell’s addiction into a death sentence
5/3/2021Team from UHN, CAMH identify unique characteristics of human neurons, with direct implications for brain disease
4/15/2021Future-proofing the PSW workforce through education and advocacy 
4/14/2021Triple combination therapy shows promise against rare, deadly asbestos cancer
4/13/2021Deep learning model developed at UHN to maximize lifespan after liver transplant
4/12/2021Double-lung transplant after COVID-19 performed in Canada
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