Sometimes patients don't express all of their concerns to their doctor or nurse. The focus on their physical health is so great that they forget to mention they are having other practical or emotional difficulties.

Other_Volunteer_Opportunities.jpgThat's why Princess Margaret is launching an innovative computerized program called the Distress Assessment and Response Tool (DART). DART asks people questions about all aspects of their lives, not just their cancer. DART is an innovative automated patient-centred assessment tool used to link patients with the care that is best for them, along their cancer journey. It is located in clinic waiting rooms and is completed by patients prior to seeing their medical team. Using this automated tool we are able to provide patients with immediate feedback and education, based on their answers.

Volunteer Resources is looking to fill two specific roles:​

1. DART Patient Screening Volunteers to assist and support patients in completing the automated patient assessment tool on touch screen computers, prior to their medical appointment.

2. DART Patient Support Volunteers to assist in the provision of timely focused linkage to community resources, providing basic emotional support and education based on the printed DART responses.​​​​

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