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From left: Drs. Ho Ping Kong & Cavalcanti with G. Raymond Chang

TWH recently celebrated one of Canada's most respected medical teachers—Dr. Ho Ping Kong, Gladstone and Maisie Chang Chair in Teaching of Internal Medicine at UHN. In recognition of his exemplary contributions to medical education over the past three decades, the Centre of Excellence for Education and Practice (CEEP) at TWH was named in his honour. Dr. Ho Ping Kong has taught more than 6,000 medical trainees—including practitioners from abroad who come to UHN to train—and is responsible for establishing General Internal Medicine (GIM) as a national academic force at UofT.

The Centre was founded in September 2008 by Drs. Rodrigo Cavalcanti and Ho Ping Kong to serve as an "incubator" for innovative practice-oriented programs in medical education, to provide support for senior trainees in academic GIM and to recruit and retain staff in high-level GIM consulting practice. It is one of the most unique centres of its kind in the world due to the high level of specialty training that it provides.

CEEP was established thanks to a generous donation of $2.5 million from G. Raymond Chang, the TG&WHF Board Champion for UHN's education programs.

CEEP Achievements:

  • Secured a "Harvey," a highly advanced patient simulator used for high-fidelity cardiopulmonary examinations. The simulator was incorporated into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at TWH and TGH.
  • Created a blog to reinforce and expand core knowledge learned.
  • Established funding for two annual scholarships for the next five years.
  • Has evaluated innovative teaching modalities and is developing metrics for evaluating the impact of web-based teaching.
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