Dr. Tan imageOn November 5, the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) hoste​d the official launch of two new interventional radiology suites in the Peter Munk Medical Imaging Centre.

These suites are among the most sophisticated radiology facilities of their kind in Canada, combining diagnostic tests with therapeutic treatment in a single procedure. They're operated by a multi-disciplinary team of radiologists, registered nurses and medical radiation technologists, a​nd treat both vascular and non-vascular issues.

"This is an exciting time for us in interventional radiology," says Dr. KT Tan, acting Vascular and Interventional Imaging Divisional Head, TGH. "The layout and functionality of these rooms will help free up valuable resources and time, allowing staff to better tend to patient care."

Group picture imageThe suites are an exciting part of a larger picture involving the Peter Munk Medical Imaging Centre which aims​ to fully integrate radiologists, cardiologists, imaging technologists and cardiac and vascular surgeons in the delivery of care. The Centre will also be a Canadian hub for testing cutting-edge technologies and developing new imaging techniques and minimally invasive procedures.

"The future of health care is through the integration of diverse clinical areas all working towards a common goal," explains Dr. Patrice Bret, Radiologist-in-Chief, JDMI. "These interventional suites have successfully combined medical imaging, surgery and cardiology aiming to better improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease."

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