Twitter page imageWhat is Twitter?
Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media tools to hit the internet. It is a micro-blogging site where individuals can send short (140 character) messages which are called tweets. Everyone from Martha Stewart to our patients are using this tool to share updates to their friends, family and others. These updates can be as basic as what they ate for breakfast or as helpful as links to research studies.


Sommer Ellis imageA Message from Sommer Ellis, Social Media Specialist:
"Twitter has become an epidemic in the online world and has great potential for UHN's communication initiatives. We're currently tweeting about our innovative research, our Foundation events, and reaching out to our community partners and patients for their feedback. Twitter is as much about listening as it is about talking so my advice is to start by listening to the conversation before you dive in and then have fun!"

How does it work?
Twitter accounts can be created by individuals or organizations. Users send short updates to their tweeps (Twitter friends) on a variety of topics. Twitter can be accessed from your personal computer or your mobile phone.

Where can I find the UHN Twitter account?
Twitter is currently blocked at UHN so when you're at home visit: www.twitter.com/UHN. You can also check out some other UHN tweeps such as @CICCUHN, @desouzanurse, @pmhf, @tgwhf, and @UHNNursing.

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