UHN staff, including President and CEO Dr. Peter Pisters, discuss making mistakes as part of a new Caring Safely video. (Video: UHNToronto YouTube)

We're human. We make mistakes. Even in healthcare.

And, we need to get used to that reality in order to better protect our patients and staff from preventable harm.

That's the message of a provocative new video marking Caring Safely Month at UHN.

In it, Dr. Peter Pisters, UHN President and CEO, along with other organization leaders and frontline workers, opens up about making mistakes on the job affecting patients and staff, and the relentless drive under Caring Safely for everyone – clinical and non-clinical – to embrace safety as a core value.

One of the keys to success of UHN's patient and workplace safety transformation is removing shame and blame from failure, and instead looking at systems failures as learning opportunities.

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It's in this way we can move forward together towards our goal of zero preventable harm at UHN.

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