Image of stroke selfie event 

​​​​LIVE TWEETING: We will be live Tweeting this event. Tweet your questions to @UHN_News with hashtag #StrokeSelfie.​


Me​​et Stacey Yepes, the woman recorded herself having a stroke so that others could see what was happening to her.

The event will be held Wed., June 25 at 1:30 p.m. and will be held at Toronto Western Hospital's Auditorium in 2W 401.

Yepes' physician, Dr. Cheryl Jaigobin, will also be talking about Yepes' video and answering questions about stroke health and more.

The video of Yepes, posted on UHN's YouTube channel, has more than ​580,000 hits

It's been covered by CNN, Good Morning America, and countless other media outlets.

Yepes said she filmed it so members of the medical community and those who may one day be affected by stroke, could learn from her experience.


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