Dr. John Granton and Dr. Meredith Giuliani, UHN’s Smoking Cessation Steering Committee Chairs, sat down with UHN News to dispel a few myths about smoking and smoking cessation.

As of July 1, UHN is a smoke-free environment. This means the smoking of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes on UHN-owned grounds is prohibited.

This initiative serves two purposes: to create smoke-free grounds and support those who are looking to quit with cessation resources.

UHN's smoke-free policy applies to employees, medical staff, volunteers, patients, visitors, learners and subcontractors.


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How can I help keep UHN smoke-free?
Security will be conducting walkabouts of the grounds, but everyone has a role to play in ensuring compliance with smoke-free grounds.

The priority is to inform people of the policy, not to enforce. Individuals are not responsible or expected to ensure a smoker puts out their cigarette or walks off the property.

City by-law officers will be inspecting to ensure compliance with the law and failure to comply carries significant fines to both the individual and the institution ($1,000 - $5,000 for individuals, and $100,000 - $300,000 for the institution).


*Note: There will be temporary, designated smoking areas for Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst and Bickle sites to accommodate these patient populations until a longer-term plan is in place in the next few months.

Helpful tips

  • Come from a place of care and support.
  • Presume the best. The person may not know about the policy.
  • Be calm and friendly.
  • If you feel comfortable, let individuals know there are smoking cessation resources available at UHN and in the community. Direct them to our website for more information www.uhnsmokefree.ca.
  • If the person asks where they can smoke, inform them UHN's smoke-free policy does not apply to public property – provided they remain nine metres away from any entrance or exit.  
  • If facing hostility, don't escalate the situation. Simply walk away. 
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