Protestors imagePMH revised its G20 plans based on observations from the Code Orange table top exercise and according to Jan Stewart, Clinical Director of the PMH Cancer Program, everything felt under control.

"Staff were professional, calm and compassionate. They supported their colleagues by offering rides to and from the hospital or to local subway stations on Saturday when the TTC wasn't running," says Jan who, along with other members of the management team, spent most of her weekend at PMH.

"We were kept well informed by the UHN Command Centre, security and were closely linked to the TGH and TWH command centres."

Housekeeping prepared beds on the 18th floor for those worried about commuting back to PMH on Sunday and many spent Saturday night at the hospital.

"Our security staff under Todd Milne's leadership was superb; they were on top of all the activity at the doors throughout the weekend," says Jan. "No matter how busy they were, their interactions with patients, family and staff were professional, polite and calming."

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