Lyndhurst's physiotherapists stepped into the hot seat to find out what their patients, families and colleagues had to say about physiotherapy.(Video: UHN)

To wrap up Physiotherapy Month, the physiotherapists at Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst Centre put together a video about how people perceive what they do. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's viral video series, 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,' Lyndhurst's physiotherapists decided to celebrate by asking their patients, family members and colleagues to tell them what really think about physiotherapy. 

Lyndhurst is one of five Toronto Rehab sites throughout the city, and treats both inpatients and outpatients in the Brain & Spinal Cord Rehabilitation program. They play an integral role in Toronto Rehab's efforts to help people overcome the challenges of disabling health conditions to live active, healthier and more independent lives.

More than 200 physiotherapists and physiotherapist assistants work at UHN across all programs and sites. Our physiotherapy staff work with patients and interprofessional teams to help patients maximize physical function.


Happy Physiotherapy Month!
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