​​​​​Image of UHn patient
"Today it says you'll be picked up at 10:15 a.m. from this entrance, and you'll be home around 12 p.m​. I call it the free tour of the city! I've seen places I would have never seen and it's the same price as the TTC. It's a great service." (Photo: OpenLab)​

As you walk through the halls of UHN, everyone you pass by - patients and their families/caregivers, friends, staff, physicians and volunteers - has hopes, dreams, fears, passions and aspirations as to what their day may bring. What if you could get a glimpse into their lives to make a deeper connection?

People of UHN is a photoblog created in collaboration with Partners in Care and OpenLab. The series is designed to capture courageous and vulnerable moments of people providing and receiving care across UHN.

"Each of us has stories that shape and guide us," says Susan Brown, Senior Director, Strategy & Transformation, and Chair, Partners in Care commit​tee. "Stopping to connect and truly understand makes us better health care professionals, and connects us as human beings."

Image of patients at Toronto Western Hospital
Long time TWH patients sharing insights into what makes a happy couple. (Photo: UHN OpenLab)​

With a vision of creating a more connected and engaged community, People of UHN uses a rapid storytelling approach to build understanding of diverse roles and experiences. The project hopes to foster trust and create a networked community within UHN and beyond.

As the first step in the series, the blog features individuals at Toronto Western Hospital. The people featured in the blog are approached at random and asked to contribute. Their responses have been inspiring and moving.

"The willingness of people to share their stories is tremendous." said Jen Recknagel, Strategic Design Lead with OpenLab and the photographer on the project.

People of UHN has a similar format to Humans of New York and will share one image and quote from inside the halls of UHN every Tuesday and Thursday. The idea for People of UHN was brought forward as an opportunity to contribute to transforming the way health care is delivered and experienced.

You can visit People of UHN by going to www.uhnpartnersincare.com or selecting the link on the intranet sidebar.

People of UHN banner
Partners in Care has partnered with OpenLab to create this new project, People of UHN.​

Partners in Care aspires to actively engage each member of the health-care team -- including staff, physicians, patients, caregivers, students and volunteers --  to ensure that all staff and patients have exceptional experiences at UHN. Through this work, we will create healthier environments for providers to care for those in need, and engage patients and their caregivers in the high quality of care at UHN. ​

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