Watch the video above to meet Toronto publicist Abby Van Den Broek. Hear about the challenge she faces to find balance in her life - and get tips from UHN experts on how young professionals can live healthier lives.
(Video: UHN/YouTube)

As a new year begins, Toronto publicist Abby Van Den Broek wants change. Working around the clock most days, she wants more balance in her life.

"I work through breakfast and lunch, and sometimes dinner," Van Den Broek said. "And when we're really busy I can work, sometimes, until 1 or 2 in the morning."

University Health Network experts Dr. Donna Stewart, psychiatrist, and Dr. Paul Oh, Medical Director of Toronto Rehab, say there are many things Van Den Broek can do to disconnect and take more time for her health and well-being.

​Hear Abby Van Den Broek's story and learn tips on how to achieve a healthier life. Click on the video player above.

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