​​​​​​​​​Michener Institute
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN offers its students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of medical procedures in one of its fully equipped discipline laboratories and discipline specific simulation spaces. (Photo: Michener Institute)

The newest member of the UHN family – the Michener Institute of Education at UHN – is known for educating high-quality, fit-for-purpose health technologists such as radiation therapists and MRI technologists.

Michener students go on to become leaders in health care settings all over Canada, in large part because of Michener's unique position in the health system: Michener works with the provincial government to prepare for the health care needs of the future, by way of its expertise and agility in curriculum design.

As research, technology and clinical advances identify new or adapted professions, Michener is quickly working to update or develop new programs in order to deliver the health labour force patients need.

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Michener's newly-launched blog offers an inside look at the thinking behind this rapid-response health education model.

The contributors include thought leaders in education practice, education design, simulation in health education and education design for current professionals from the entire UHN education community.

The first post explores how simulation stacks up against clinical education as a teaching method, and an upcoming post, by UHN Executive Vice President of Education Brian Hodges, will showcase an international academic collaboration that has had a remarkable impact on human health.

Look for new blog posts here or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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