​​​​Image of reception area of the BMO Education & Conference Centre
Photo of the reception area of the BMO Education & Conference Centre at Toronto Western Hospital, a revenue-generating state-of-the-art meeting space now open for UHN and external clients. (Photo: UHN Conference & Educational Technology Services)

Toronto's newest meeting space is open and ready to serve you.

The BMO Education & Conference Centre, housed on the Toronto Western Hospital campus and conveniently located within the city's iconic Kensington Market, is now accepting reservations from within UHN and external clients for its 2,820 square feet of configurable, flexible, pillar-less space.Logo of BMO Education & Conference Centre

The state-of-the-art facility is a full-service event venue, boasting a wide range of features and audio visual capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind experience. It will be a revenue-generating initiative within UHN, which is why fees will be charged to both internal colleagues and external clientele.

Revenue generated will be used to continue to improve the space and technology to keep it current.

The BMO Education & Conference Centre, housed in the Krembil Discovery Tower, is the focal point of an exciting new hive of medical education and research innovation, bolstered by eight research floors above it. It will serve as a hub for our health professionals, future leaders and community partners.

UHN staff and health professionals know the importance of maintaining the highest level of knowledge and skill in a rapidly changing healthcare system. This means a commitment to lifelong learning that requires continuing education.

For this reason UHN is a leader in organizing continuing education and professional development programs and courses. Each year UHN staff put on learning events that attract our own staff as well as colleagues from across Canada and around the world.

In the past, limited onsite space has meant that these events have had to take place in private hotels and conference centres. With the arrival of UHN's BMO Education & Conference Centre, organizers of educational conferences can now have the satisfaction of knowing that the fees they pay for facilities will flow back to support UHN and its programs.

At a time of fiscal constraint in government funding it is important for hospitals to find creative ways to support our most important operations. What better way to contribute than to help us recapture funds that would otherwise go to private facilities.

For more information on the new facility, click here​.

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