​​It's been 10 months since Doctor Penner and the team at Toronto Western Hospital performed my RNY Weight Loss Surgery.

Like many overweight people, my battle with weight and genetics has been lifelong. After trying just about every fad diet, seeing nutritionists and following an exercise regimen six days a week, RNY was my answer.

It’s incredible what this procedure makes possible. Dr. Penner explained just before surgery that my body was going to go through an unexplainable change, what an understatement!

I am writing this for the curious, the lurkers and those on the fence about the benefits of RNY. The process is long and appointments are plenty, but it’s 100% worth it!

I’m so thankful for the program, the Bariatric Team and the Ontario government. I am the healthiest I have been in my life. Down more than 100 pounds, no weight-related issues like diabetes, HBP and high cholesterol.

Before my RNY journey, I had many of the lifestyle tools already in my everyday routine, like exercise and eating right. Now, food and eating do not dictate my days.

Since my surgery, I've rappelled down Toronto’s city hall, climbed the ropes course at Blue Mountain and become a runner. These are things I would have never attempted before.

After surgery, the journey does not end. There are tough days, but with time it gets easier. I learned how to manage my new lifestyle. It takes courage to do what we do, strength to see it through and passion for life.

For anyone on the fence, scared or with questions, I want to give back!

Thanks again to everyone at UHN, especially the Bariatric Team at Toronto Western.

​Harold Chizick

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