Cover of 2016 magazine
The second Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine will be an insert in nearly 100,000 copies of the Globe and Mail in select cities across Canada today. (Photo: The Globe and Mail)

With patient experience and patient-centred care even more a part of today's healthcare vernacular, the second Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine, appearing in today's Globe and Mail newspaper, strikes at the heart of these focus areas by chronicling the stories of patients battling cardiovascular disease.

Entitled "The Faces of Heart Disease," the magazine, which is also published by the newspaper, delves into the lives and medical journeys of more than 20 patients – spanning the age spectrum from 8 to 85 years old, and representing a variety of backgrounds, family dynamics and prognoses.

At the same time, the multi-disciplinary healthcare teams and individual medical professionals behind each story are highlighted for their efforts in delivering cardiac and vascular care that leads its field in Canada and increasingly, globally.

The 60-page insert will appear in nearly 100,000 copies of the Globe and Mail newspaper, in select cities across the country.​​

To see the digital version of the magazine on the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre website click here.

An online version of the magazine can also be read on the Globe and Mail website here​.

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