​​​​Sadie Stout

Sometimes, an expectant mother’s heart full of love isn’t enough. Sadie Stout found that out the hard way, six months into her pregnancy.

In September of 2011, at 21 years old and pregnant with her first child, Sadie Stout’s world was turned upside down when she was discovered to have a rare heart tumour. She was rushed from Thunder Bay down to Toronto General Hospital, where she was met with a stark reality: In order for Sadie’s heart to remain healthy and continue beating, she would have to undergo emergency open-heart surgery to have the tumour removed. But such a complicated and physically taxing surgery meant there was a 35% chance she would lose her baby. Sadie made the courageous decision to delay her surgery and put her child’s safety above her own. She underwent an emergency C-section and delivered Bentley, a baby boy, at just 27 weeks, giving him a survival rate of over 90%.

Then, still fragile from her first procedure, Sadie underwent open-heart surgery.

The plan had inherent risks for Sadie, but offered the best chance for her baby. Sadie’s decision to put him first is a true testament to a mother’s love for her child. Mother and son are now both happy and healthy at home in Thunder Bay –

Sadie’s heart beats stronger for him than ever before.

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