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Jim Miller, who volunteers at the Information Desk at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, enjoys helping: “I have made people laugh when they are afraid.  I hope that I have made their day a little bit better.” (Photo: UHN News)​

Every one of UHN's volunteers has their own reasons for giving back.

For Jim Miller, who joined our volunteer program in April 2006, there are at least a couple of them.

He made his decision to volunteer at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre after a family member received treatment and was cared for so well.  Jim is also one of the lucky ones – winning a major prize in the Princess Margaret Foundation Lottery, he wanted to give back in the form of service to the hospital.


A retiree, who has contributed more than 3,000 volunteer hours, UHN Volunteer Resources is very honoured to have Jim bring his warm personality, smiles and customer service touch to the Information Desk in the Main Atrium at Princess Margaret. His presence, a friendly hello and willingness to help is the perfect match for anyone seeking assistance.​

​National Volunteer Week
​April 12-18, 2015

​Jim truly enjoys his volunteer work and being at one of the busiest areas of the hospital it keeps him engaged and involved.​ He gets to meet people from all walks of life and by providing some assistance helps to make their visit a little easier.

"This disease can affect any individual and it is nice to be able to help them in any way possible," Jim says. "I have made people laugh when they are afraid.  I hope that I have made their day a little bit better."

It's a very busy area of the hospital but Jim says he and his colleague "work very well with each other and the sometimes-hectic workload flows well."

And, he has a simple message to those thinking of becoming volunteers: "It is a great way to pay service.  Dealing with people who are not well, gives one a sense of great gratitude."

If you are interested in joining volunteers like Jim at UHN, please visit the UHN Volunteer Resources webpage.​​

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