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(L to R) Dr. Brian O’Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Shao-Hui Huang, Editorial Coordinator, and Dr. James Brierley, Associate Editor. (Photo: Dr. Shao-Hui Huang)​

Have you wondered what it takes to put together a textbook?

If you ask the team behind The Manual of Clinical Oncology (MCO), Ninth Edition, they would say it takes about three years and a significant amount of collaboration.

To celebrate the tireless effort, the team will be hosting a Toronto launch event of the Manual on Friday from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the seventh floor research atrium at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

It will be an opportunity to meet with authors and editors, and browse the MCO book.

"The hope is that readers will enjoy this book as much as we, the editors and authors, enjoyed the global spirit of collaboration and interaction needed to bring it together," says Dr. Brian O'Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief and Radiation Oncologist at Princess Margaret.

About the manual – A team effort

The MCO, published with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), provides a concise, accessible and feasible reference to meet the needs of clinicians caring for cancer patients throughout the world.

As with prior editions, the ninth edition continues to emphasize the multidisciplinary perspective required to address different fields of cancer management, for use by medical students and all health professionals working in oncology.

The global collaborative effort led by Dr. O'Sullivan, had significant input from members of the Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) and other groups at Princess Margaret. In addition to Dr. O'Sullivan, the editorial team included Dr. James Brierley, Editor and Radiation Oncologist, and Dr. Shao-Hui Huang, Editorial Coordinator and Clinical Radiation Therapist.

UICC Manual of Clinical Oncology launch poster
The Toronto launch event for the manual will be hosted on the seventh floor at Princess Margaret on Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Photo: Dr. Shao-Hui Huang)​

Contributors from RMP were:

  • Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz (Prognosis and Classification of Cancer and Principle of Cancer Staging)
  • Dr. David Jaffray (The lead author of Cancer Informatics)
  • Dr. Richard Tsang (The lead author of Lymphoma)
  • Dr. Caroline Chung (The lead author of Central Nerve System)
  • Dr. Meredith Giuliani (Survivorship)
  • Dr. Andrew Hope (Cancer Informatics)
  • Terry Michaelson (Cancer Informatics)
  • Dr. Danielle Rodin (Survivorship)

Other contributors from Princess Margaret include:

  • Dr. Jennifer Jones (the lead author of Survivorship)
  • Dr. Michael Crump (Lymphoma)
  • Prateek Dwivedi (Cancer Informatics
  • Dr. David Goldstein (Thyroid)
  • Dr. Abha Gupta (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)
  • Dr. Monika Krzyzanowska (Thyroid)
  • Dr. Wei Xu (Assessment of Treatment Outcomes)

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