Jérémie Lefebvre
Krembil scientist Jérémie Lefebvre is using computations and calculations to crack the brain’s code. (Photo: The Globe and Mail)

The mysteries of the mind may challenge philosophers, but to Dr. Jérémie Lefebvre the challenge is different – the brain is the ultimate computer math puzzle.

"Think of the brain itself as a computer – a biological computer. Instead of using software or hardware, it uses wetware," says Dr. Lefebvre, a neuroscientist and mathematician at the Krembil Research Institute.

Dr. Lefebvre's lab at Krembil studies computational neuroscience and non-linear dynamics.

It's called the SYNC lab – it synchronizes studies and stimulates corroborative work around the world among researchers working in a variety of disciplines. Dr. Lefebvre and his team develop and analyze models of neural circuits to better understand the brain and how it is affected by neurodegenerative diseases.

"This is where mathematics and physics come in," he explains. "The neurons in the brain are actually doing computations and calculations, and we're trying to crack the code."

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