Dr. Jas Chahal in the Krembil Discovery Tower
Above, orthopedics sports medicine surgeon Dr. Jas Chahal in the Krembil Discovery Tower. Chahal and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Darrell ​Ogilvie-Harris are investigating the benefits of using patients’ own stem cells to treat knee joints affected by arthritis. (Photo: UHN)

There’s just one day to go before the doors to the Krembil Discovery Tower are officially open.

What’s inside? A world-leading team of researchers working to find a cure for chronic diseases affecting millions of people worldwide.

Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and vision loss are just a few of the conditions that leading researchers are tackling inside this cutting-edge facility, part of the Toronto Western Hospital at University Health Network.

Debilitating cost of arthritis

Among all causes of disability in Canada, arthritis ranks first among women and second among men. The symptoms of arthritis vary, but joint pain and swelling are the most common.

More than 4.6 million Canadian adults (one in six Canadians aged 15 years and older) report having arthritis. By 2036, this number is expected to grow to an estimated 7.5 million Canadian adults (one in five).

It’s estimated that in 30 years, nearly 30 per cent of the employed labour force will have difficulty working due to osteoarthritis.

Curing arthritis with stem cells?

One of the research goals in the Krembil Discovery Tower is to find a cure for arthritis.

​Working with the scientists in the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine​ the specific aim is to grow stem cells that will prevent the need for joint replacement. Experts hope to start the first human clinical trial using patients' own stem cells (autologous) to treat osteoarthritis in North America by mid-2014.

'Meet the brains'

Find out more about the impact researchers and scientists at Krembil Discovery Tower are making. Visit UHN.ca tomorrow, Wed., Nov. 20, for more stories on their mission and accomplishments. Plus, meet a few of the brains behind it all in a video about the tower and its expert team.

Plus, take the poll question below to test your knowledge on arthritis.

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