Waste Reduction Week poster
Annual week aimed at encouraging us to conserve our natural resources will for the first time see UHN compete against SickKids Hospital and Sinai Health Systems in an interhospital waste reduction challenge. (Photo: UHN Energy and Environment Department)

It's Waste Reduction Week across Canada.

The national environmental campaign, which runs Oct. 17 to 30, encourages us to conserve natural resources through:

  • sustainable and responsible consumption
  • choosing more environmentally responsible products and services
  • sorting it out: recycling and composting more while disposing in landfill less.

The week, which kicked off with the CN Tower being lit up Monday night in green and blue to represent the dominant colours of our planet, also features UHN competing for the first time with SickKids Hospital and Sinai Health Systems in an interhospital waste reduction challenge.

The challenge is easy … just answer a quick quiz: ​www.surveymonkey.com/r/YHM5LVT. The site with the most participation per capita will win the top prize. There are also individual prizes at each site, with litterless lunchables and other eco-friendly, green goodies.

Please play the quiz to help you and UHN win. The more that participate, the more we all win.

Earn extra credit by getting caught "green-handed." Send in a picture of you and/or your colleagues practicing the 3R's: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. You may pose with your reusable coffee-mugs or while hugging your blue bin. Feel free to get creative.

E-mail your photos to energyandenvironment@uhn.ca or tweet #WasteFreeUHN.

Waste Reduction Week firmly highlights "Stewardship" as a value in the new UHN Purpose, Values & Principles. Cut directly to the principles that let us live these values and you will find this new gem:

"I use resources wisely by:

  • remaining conscious of the high cost of healthcare, research, and teaching; and optimizing resources while delivering exemplary care.
  • adhering to the principle of highest and best use of resources; and
  • working efficiently and effectively to minimize waste (time, supplies, natural resources, etc.)"

That sounds like Waste Reduction Week in a nutshell.

For more information on bringing a greener outlook to your area, contact the Energy & Environment Department at energyandenvironment@uhn.ca.

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