David Prince lived a fast-paced life, but it all came to a halt in 2007 when he suffered a heart attack while on vacation. Once he arrived at PMCC, a heart transplant saved his life. Watch his story. (Video: UHNToronto YouTube)


A "catastrophic" heart attack struck David Prince while he was on vacation with his wife, Susan, in Brazil in 2007.

The high-powered Toronto financial analyst remained in a coma on life-support for weeks, on the brink of death. Doctors worked for two months to stabilize him so that he could return to Canada.

Once he arrived in Toronto, David was put under the care of the world-class team at UHN's Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.

Within weeks he had two surgeries: the first to install the HeartMate II mechanical heart, and then, a heart transplant.

Now, eight years later, David looks back on his time at Peter Munk Cardiac Centre with immense gratitude.

Without the team, he says, "I know for sure I would not be here."​

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