​​​​Jeff Goodes, interviews Drs. Heather Ross, Vivek Rao and Mitesh Badiwala

(From left to right) CBC White Coat, Black Art Producer Jeff Goodes, interviews Drs. Heather Ross, Vivek Rao and Mitesh Badiwala, after they were thanked by a family member of a heart transplant patient. (Photo: UHN)​

When Susan heard that CBC's White Coat, Black Art was looking for examples of outstanding care, she did not hesitate to write a letter about the teams from the Multi-Organ Transplant Program and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre who are "truly a gift to our family."

Susan's husband was so sick that she wondered everyday whether he would wake up again. Last year, he received the heart transplant he needed. Susan's husband had been diagnosed with heart failure 15 years ago, and the teams at TGH diligently cared for him with medication and surgical interventions. This past holiday season, he was able to celebrate with his family and friends, in good health, getting a second chance at life.

"I was inspired to write a letter of thanks because we are all so very grateful to the hospital, to the doctors and healthcare teams, and to the donor family," Susan says." Everyone helped keep my husband alive for years, and you can be sure that he will repay that debt by taking really good care of his new heart. Thank you TGH."

Read Susan's letter below.

CBC WhIte Coat, Black Art Producer Jeff Goodes
(From left to  right) CBC White Coat, Black Art Producer Jeff Goodes, Host Dr. Brian Goldman and Susan, the wife of heart transplant patient records her letter of thanks to the healthcare team (Photo: UHN).

Dear Dr. Goldman (host of White Coat, Black Art),

I recently heard your broadcast asking for a positive shout out for a doctor. I could not give one doctor all the credit, but the team at Toronto General Hospital that has cared for my husband for the past 15 years and taken him from heart failure, to an LVAD (a Left Ventricular Assist Device is implanted into a chest to  help a weak heart pump blood throughout the body), to a heart transplant, are truly a gift to our family.

He received exceptional care at the heart failure clinic by Dr. Heather Ross and Dr. Diego Delgado, who did their jobs with passion and great care.

The pacemaker and defibrillator team, including Dr. Kumaraswamy Nanthakumar, was another caring group.

The surgical team of Dr. Vivek Rao was an amazing group, implanting my husband's LVAD to give him the strength to (wait for and) face a heart transplant. His transplant was performed by another brilliant young mind, with brilliant hands – Dr. Mitesh Badiwala.

The many caring nurses and staff who bring you back to life are fabulous at Toronto General Hospital.

We hear many a person complain about our current health care system, but when you work as a team with all involved, the result can be miraculous.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my appreciation.



P.S. Our daughter Jennifer posted on social media after her dad's transplant: "My father got a new heart today. If you are a prayer, pray for his continued recovery. If you are a thinker, think of the family who turned their tragedy into such a blessing for me and my family. If you a doer, register online at beadonor.ca. We are feeling truly blessed."​

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