Ever tried an office treadmill? Watch the video above to see how it can help keep you active - even at your desk. Plus, learn simple things you can do to stay fit and healthy on the job. (Video: UHN)

Do you sit at a desk all day at work and want to be more active? Find out what steps you can take – literally— to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even in the workplace.
It’s the focus of Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, which begins Oct. 1. The event raises awareness of healthy lifestyle practices and encourages organizations to foster a healthy workplace environment.
Alison Cocking, Organizational Wellness Manager at University Health Network (UHN), featured in the video above, said healthy habits at work are not only of benefit to employees, but to organizations as well.
“Healthy employees are sick less, so more present and more productive,” she said, noting that health and fitness also helps people cope with stress.
Dr. Michael Gardam, also featured in the video above, has long embraced the importance of healthy living. He recently bought an office treadmill so he can still be active throughout the work day.
“I have more energy...I just overall feel much, much better," he said. "It’s an investment in my health, how often do we really do that?”
For more on Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, visit: http://healthyworkplacemonth.ca/en/


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