Powerpoint slide imageNurses work in complex environments and have rapidly changing information needs. While there are many tools aimed at facilitating communications, engaging a diverse multigenerational workforce remains a challenge. Many messages do not get to the intended recipient.

On May 10, Corporate Nursing will go live with digital signage on inpatient units across the organization. The goal? To ensure that nurses and the interdisciplinary team get important information through a visually-pleasing, engaging and flexible mode of communication.

"While digital signage is relatively new in health care it is widely used in many industries such as retail and transportation," says Dr. Mary Ferguson-Paré, Vice President, Professional Affairs and Chief Nurse Executive. "It's quick and effective and is just one of the many tools Nursing is using to reach our audience."

What is digital signage imageAt UHN, digital signage will be used to facilitate and supplement communications relating to practice initiatives, research innovations, policy changes, and educational activities as well as to promote corporate programs and upcoming events. The project was funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in support of technology and communication in nursing.

For comments and suggestions please email digital.signage@uhn.on.ca. To submit content or change existing content please refer content guidelines on the Nursing Intranet.

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