The Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) recently consolidated thyroid biopsies performed at Mt. Sinai, Women's College and UHN to a centralized location at TGH. In its initial ​​stage the JDMI Biopsy Centre will care for patients requiring ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies. The eventual goal is to expand to other clinical and research biopsies, becoming a centre of excellence for not only thyroid biopsies but for all ultrasound-guided biopsies.

JDMI group image​"The main purpose of this centre is to bring down the high wait times for thyroid biopsies that exist throughout JDMI," explains Dr. Sangeet Ghai, H​​ead, JDMI Biopsy Centre. "Through this innovative model of care, we are now able to centralize our resources and physician referrals, ensuring standardization of patient care across the department." 

To operate this consolidated centre, JDM​​I has brought on, and trained, four internal Biopsy Specialists. Each will be responsible for performing ultrasound imaging work and thyroid biopsies under the supervision of a Radiologist. They are among the first sonographers in Canada to receive the necessary training to perform biopsies.

"This is a very exciting initiative and will tremendously benefit our patients," says Paul Cornacchione, Clinical Director, JDMI. "Thanks in large part to the dedicated efforts of Dr. Ghai and the Office of Strategic Management team, along with much planning and collaboration from Carol Dunham, Rosa Roti, Joanne Noseworthy, Jerry Plastino, Sandra Lavis, Raquel Gaspar and Sue Cleverley , we will be able to eventually bring all of our biopsy specialties under one roof."

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