Marney and staff
At the annual Staff Appreciation BBQ at Toronto Rehab, Bickle Centre, (L to R), Janet Newton, Sabrina Lim-Reinders​, Marney Bowser, Mary Kay McCarthy and Gabriella Golea. (Photo: UHN)

When Marney Bowser joined Toronto Rehab, Bickle Centre in 1998 as the Program Manager of South 4 Complex Continuing Care (CCC), she said it felt like stepping into a different world.

"Over the years, rehabilitation, CCC, and Bickle have become so special to me," says Marney, who now works as a Unit Manager on South 3 CCC and Dialysis. "I am so proud of the patient care and achievements of the many staff I have worked with.  

"It is hard to say goodbye."

Friday, Nov. 30 marks Marney's last day as Manager on South 3​ after 25 years of dedicated service. And, just as Bickle holds a special place in Marney's heart, her kindness, guidance and positivity will be missed by her team.  

"Marney has generously shared her vast knowledge about complex continuing care and has been such a strong advocate for her team and patients," says Mary Kay McCarthy, Clinical Director of CCC at Toronto Rehab.

"She has also been a role model for other leaders and has been a mentor and coach for many new managers at Bickle Centre."

Marney and her sister, Sue, (L), are looking forward to more travel adventures together. (Photo: Courtesy Marney Bowser)

Building a better Bickle

As a Project Service Manager on South 4 CCC, and then South 3 CCC and Dialysis, Marney is leaving a legacy of exceptional leadership, both on inpatient units and through special initiatives.

She played an integral role on the UHN Dialysis Working Group, planning and supporting the implementation of Bickle's 14-bed Nocturnal Hemo-Dialysis Suite – a first for Ontario.

"This program has resulted in a gentler approach to treatment, while enabling patients to attend on-site activities and therapy during the day," Marney says. "It was wonderful to see that this approach improved patient outcomes and their quality of life."

Marney has also led colleagues through a number of accreditations, LEAN events, model of care updates and other changes that have empowered teams in responding to Toronto Rehab's changing patient population and needs within the health system.

One of Marney's hallmarks is her ability to develop strong teams who provide a high standard of care, while always ensuring the needs of patients and families come first.

"My priority has always been the patients, and finding better solutions for their care so they can continue to have a fulfilling life," Marney says.

While holding a career in health care, Marney was a successful athlete in a variety of sports, and while playing for Canada, was awarded MVP at the Women's Softball World Cup. (Photo: Courtesy Marney Bowser)

She is recognized by her colleagues as someone who always makes time to really listen and remains calm and focused during challenging times.

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of these qualities.

"Marney was able to lead in every circumstance, including the many difficult days, weeks and months of the pandemic," says Louise Pothier, Manager, Health Professions and Outpatient Clinics at Bickle, who will be transitioning into the role of Program Service Manager on South 3 CCC and Dialysis.

Marney is looking forward to spending more time with her miniature poodle, Bailee. (Photo: Courtesy: Marney Bowser)

"When I am on South 3, I can tell that the space is filled with positivity, dedication and compassionate care. Much of that is the tone Marney has set – and the legacy she'll leave – and I feel lucky to be a part of something this special."

Looking forward to new adventures

With the holidays right around the corner, Marney says she is looking forward to fully focusing on the magic of the season, spending time with family and then travelling.

"In addition to my love for family and my profession, I enjoy music, walks with my miniature poodle, and gardening," Marney says.

When asked what she will miss most at UHN, Marney quickly says it's the people.

"It has been a privilege to work at UHN," she says. "It is an amazing place with amazing people.

"I feel so grateful to have worked with so many wonderful and caring people who have taught me so much, and for the friendships that have developed along the way."

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