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Reg Parker received a double lung and liver transplant in March 2014. His life was saved by one generous organ donor and 32 blood donors. (Photo: Canadian Blood Services)

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In preparation for Blood Drive ​Week next week starting Dec. 14, Canadian Blood Services is coming to Toronto General Hospital (TGH) today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Blood Typing Session. In just a few minutes, your blood type can be determined.​

F​ormer TGH patient Reg Parker's life was saved by those who rolled up their sleeves and donated blood. See his story below.

"Nothing short of a miracle"

You wouldn't know this from looking at me but in March 2014, I received a double lung and liver transplant. It was nothing short of a miracle that after less than two days of being listed for transplant, three organs matching all of my needs became available.

Someone else's tragedy resulted in a chance at life for me. This fact does not escape me and frankly overwhelms me at times.

During the more than 20 hours I spent in surgery, I was saved by an amazing team of doctors and nurses at the Toronto General Hospital and notably by 33 other people – 32 of whom donated blood through the Canadian Blood Services and one generous organ donor.

The blood that I received while in surgery and the transfusions that followed allow me to continue to be an adoring husband to my wife Catherine of 18 years and a loving father to my two teenage boys, Mackenzie and Thomas. I can also continue to be a dedicated hockey coach to 17 boys whom I consider part of our family.

Please consider rolling up your sleeve so that you can contribute to someone else's miracle.

Reg Parker

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