UHN teams and departments maintain several blogs to help you keep up with the latest news in their areas, and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the hospital.

Check out our blogs below, and be sure to bookmark them and come back often for updates!


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The Pathology Report: Beyond the Microscope @ UHN

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This is the blog to learn "Everything you always wanted to ask but were afraid to learn!" If you've had blood drawn, a biopsy or many other types of tests in a hospital, one of our pathologists was probably involved somewhere along the way. Meet our pathologists and learn more about this field through the Pathology Report.


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OsteoConnections: Exploring Bone Health at UHN

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Everything you need to know about bone health and osteoporosis, including the latest research and news out of UHN and elsewhere, along with stories, resources for patients, and lots more. How does bone health relate to your overall health? Check out the OsteoConnections blog to find out!


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Talkin' Trash with UHN: Committed to Patient- and Planet-Centred Care

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"Free-range organic ideas from around UHN" – that's the spirit and humour behind the blog from our Energy and Environment team. Think it's hard to remember what yoghurt containers go into which bin? These people are tasked with doing that for our buildings (turn those lights out), new construction projects, green cleaners that disinfect to hospital standards, and dealing with all manner of waste. It's an interesting perspective on a hospital that most of us never see. Unless of course, you read 'Talkin' Trash'.


Living Well at UHN: Wellness Blog for UHN StaffLiving Well banner


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A blog for UHN staff, but with plenty there for anyone interested in wellness – fitness tips, healthy eating and much more.


ELLICSR Blog: Learning about cancer survivorship, health and wellness with cancer survivors and families

Browser Icon  www.theprincessmargaret.ca/en/PatientsFamilies/SupportServices/EllicsrBlog/

Your resource for cancer survivorship health and wellness.​