My husband got surgery and stayed in the Toronto General Hospital stepdown unit for several days at the end of September, 2012. He was very sick and didn't speak English well.

But we met an angel on the 9th floor, his nurse Michelle.

Always smiling, nice and professional. She was obviously very busy, but with her patients she was always caring, encouraging and very patient. She never, ever, make you feel like you were bothering her.

The way she cares for her patients is so natural. Sometimes we even thought of her as our family member, not his RN.

My son told me that everything she does, she does to help people, and not just because it's a part her job. There are many great nurses like Michelle on the 9th floor unit and my husband was so lucky to have such a team of angels taking care of him.

She's our hero and the hardest-working nurse we've seen in our lifetime.

Our words are not enough to express our appreciation for her dedication.

She is UHN Courage.

Thank you.

~ Helen Cao

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