Victor Trotman
Victor Trotman, who after more than 38 years of service is retiring as UHN’s Senior Director, Labour Relations, “has been an inspiration, a teacher, a mentor, a coach” to many of his colleagues. (Photo: UHN)

Victor Trotman, one of UHN's most highly regarded and visionary leaders, is retiring after more than 38 years of service, which began in September 1979 at Toronto Western Hospital (TW).

Victor, who is ending his career at UHN as Senior Director, Labour Relations, is well known for the differences he made in the workplace. He helped introduce pay equity at TW in 1981 and started accommodation for employees who had been injured on the job – before these were law in Canada.

Victor has long been an inspiration, a teacher, a mentor and a coach to many who have been lucky enough to work with him.  His colleagues recognize him for his courteousness, kindness and vast knowledge of Labour Relations.

His contributions to UHN were perhaps best summarized by one of his nominators in 2015 when Victor was named the inaugural winner of the Local Impact Award – Workplace, at the Annual General Meeting.

"He can deal with the most contentious issues in a manner that doesn't get anyone defensive," one of his colleagues said in the nomination. "He brings thoughtful issues to the table from a social and economic perspective that enriches the dialogue.

"He is an extremely principled individual who always strives to do the right thing for the healthcare system."

Born and raised in Guyana on South America's North Atlantic coast, Victor immigrated to Canada in his early 20s. Though he holds multiple degrees from various universities, his interest in Human Resources was spaked after taking an optional course in labour relations while earning a business degree.

"We discussed a case in class about a woman who was wrongfully terminated from her job," Victor recalled in an interview earlier this year with UHN News for a story on the annual 25+ Year Service Club Wine & Cheese Event. "I was moved by her experience and thought that's injustice, and that's when I turned my focus to HR."

Victor moved from the private sector to begin his career at TW and UHN is indebted for his vision, commitment and guidance throughout the years.  He's been frequently known to take a brave stance on challenging the status quo and believes that employees are an organization's greatest asset.

Victor will be missed greatly and will definitely be a hard act to follow. But neither he, nor his accomplishments, will be forgotten.

Victor says a key for all staff at UHN is to learn from leaders, patients and colleagues.

"I believe in helping to influence people to be much more than they had planned and I believe that's possible here," Victor says.​

Victor in 1979
Victor moved from the private sector to begin his career at Toronto Western Hospital in 1979. (Photo: UHN)

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