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We're all 'atwitter about Twitter

Who doesn't like being the first to know? Follow UHN on Twitter to learn about our innovative research, Foundation events, and more. Our main account is www.twitter.com/UHN_News. Other UHN tweeps include @CICCUHN@desouzanurse@pmhf@tgwhf, and @UHNNursing. Follow them all for a full dose of all things UHN!


Talkin' (and bloggin') Trash

Going green is an ongoing challenge in the hospital sector. Our Environment Department continually rises to that challenge, finding new ways to bring some green into the halls, offices and clinics of our hospitals. They are Ed Rubinstein, Manager, Energy and Environment, and Kady Cowan, UHN Energy Steward. It doesn't hurt that they think it's fun, and happen to have a sense of humour about it too. Ed is renowned among staff for his funny and informative monthly e-newsletter, Talkin' Trash. Now, together with Kady, they've taken that same idea into blog format. Join in the conversation on how we all work to make UHN, Toronto and the world a greener place. Read up on their latest efforts on the Talkin' Trash blog at www.talkintrashwithuhn.blogspot.com.​

"This is our chance to reach folks at UHN and beyond who want to make sure health care does not create health problems. More and more environmental issues are making headlines around the world. In these posts you'll find good news about what individuals and organizations are doing to protect the planet. Check out our blog and let us know what you think. How often do you get to trash talk for the benefit of the planet?" - Kady Cowan, UHN Energy Steward


Tune in to UHN on YouTube

UHN's YouTube channel, called UHNToronto, is now 5 months young! Isn't it time you checked it out? Watch our growing video collection to get a peek behind-the-scenes at what's going on in research, clinical care, teaching and accountability across our hospital sites and research institutes. Visit the site at: http://www.youtube.com/UHNToronto.


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​UHN's Facebook Page includes links to UHN stories in the news, updates on events or conferences our staff speak at and other UHN activities and initiatives. To find our Facebook page, log onto Facebook, type "University Health Network" into the search function, and select "University Health Network – Non-Profit Organization."

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