A full 1,168 feet above, to be precise. The staff of 8 Eaton, at TGH, took on an unusual fundraising challenge this past weekend. Forget bake sales, and bring on the new EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

Group of people edge walking Picture

Six brave walkers came out for the event—Kate Galloway, Katrina Snider, Plabon Ismael, Angela Golas, Azadeh Firouzbehi and Aideen Carroll.

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"It was exciting, scary and exhilarating to be looking over the skyscrapers," says Kate Galloway, Patient Care Coordinator. "There is no stopping us in mental health. Parachuting and sky diving are next on the list."

Girl walking on edge

They have raised $3,000 for the in-patient unit, and are still collecting donations. The money will be used to purchase recreational supplies for their patients and new furniture for a patient library.

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"It was terrifying to place all your trust in a rope and I took little steps to the edge, but our patients take small steps every day and trust in us on the road to recovery," says Aideen Carroll, Clinical Educator.

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Man standing on tall edge picture 

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