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UHN Security team members (L to R): Jesus Hipolito, Gerardo Santos, John Bougadis. (Photo: UHN Photographics)

It's the most wonderful time of the year and UHN security wants to make sure you have a holly jolly holiday season with a safety reminder.

"We stress the fact that a person's first defense is awareness," says Todd Milne, Director, Security Operations, UHN. "Simply by being aware, staff can possibly reduce the effects of crime.

And remember, if it has a lock, lock it.”

We asked UHN Security Operations to give us five tips for staying safe at work during the holiday season – here's what they had to say:


A.   Aware of what's happening around you
W.  Watch for and remove crime opportunities
A.   Always challenge people who are on a unit/department without a photo ID card
R.   Report suspicious people or activities to Security as soon as possible
E.   Encourage all those connected with the hospital to work together with Security to report all crimes

TGH security group
UHN Security team members Wendell Ramos, Sumreen Harris, Carolyn Goddard and Dennis Virtue. (Photo: UHN)

How do I contact security?

Find your site by clicking here. For emergency code response, call extension 5555.

The UHN security team wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!

For more safety tips from UHN Security, click here (PDF).

For tips on personal safety from the Toronto Police Service, click here (PDF).

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