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The University Health Network was recently designated the 2016 Smart Commute Gold Workplace for its sustainable commuting practices, and for its transportation management during the 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am. (Photo: Danielle Scott, Flickr)

​UHN has been designated a Smart Commute 2016 Gold Workplace thanks to a significant reduction  in the number of employees who drive alone to work.

How Green are UHN's commuters?

  • 2,713 staff members sign up for monthly TTC VIP passes
  • 1,172 bicycle parking spaces are used throughout UHN's sites
  • There are 800 Bicycle User Group members
  • An online carpool matching resource links staff who want to share a ride
  • UHN-operated shuttle buses connect staff and patients between sites
  • 483 consultations per month between patients in rural areas and UHN specialists occur via Telehealth, reducing the need for transportation to medical appointments.

During the 2015 Pan Am Games, travel initiatives included creating travel plans and encouraging staff to follow the 4R's:

  • Reduce: drive less
  • Re-mode: try another kind of transportation
  • Re-route: try a less busy route
  • Re-time: shift to off-peak hours if possible​

"This designation demonstrates UHN's commitment to promoting and supporting sustainable travel options, positioning it as a leader in corporate social responsibility," says Nadine Navarro, Manager at Smart Commute.

UHN also received a special "Games Champion" certification for its management of heightened transportation demands during the 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games last summer.

​"We cure our commute, our city, our patients and ourselves."

"In the hospital environment where we strive to help patients, pollution from car emissions undoes that very goal," explains Lisa Vanlint, Energy Steward in the Energy & Environment Department and champion of sustainable transportation at UHN.

"By participating in sustainable forms of transportation, we cure our commute, our city, our patients and ourselves. This award is truly a joint effort."

Several key UHN departments collaborate regularly to encourage public transit, carpooling, walking, cycling and more: Energy & Environment, Emergency Preparedness, Human Resources TTC VIP Administration, Business Operations, Parking Office, and Wellness.

For ideas on how to improve your travel, try the Smart Commute tool, free for use by all UHN staff: https://explore.smartcommute.ca/#/

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