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Dr. Pisters chats with KPMG about UHN's journey to becoming a high-reliability organization

As Canada's premier academic medical centre, UHN faces unique challenges and opportunities to shape the health care trends of the future.

KPMG asked the organization to share these insights as part of their video series featuring leading academic medical centres from London, Melbourne, Rotterdam and Stockholm.

Being featured alongside these global leaders is a testament to UHN's excellence in care, discovery and learning in a rapidly changing health care landscape.

Are you ready for an IT downtime?

Code Grey downtime 2016

Digital technology is changing the way we work and becoming an integral part of patient care delivery at UHN.

Despite best efforts, sometimes systems become unavailable. If there is significant impact, UHN activates a Code Grey Information Systems, which entails an enterprise wide coordination of downtime activities through Command Centres at all sites.

To assess downtime readiness, UHN conducted its third Code Grey Information Systems Tabletop Exercise.  Staff from Outpatient Clinics across UHN and two patient partners, tested their knowledge in a simulated scenario involving several clinical information systems being unavailable for two days.

"This was a great learning exercise," says participant Alan Doyle, Manager Krembil Neuroscience Ambulatory Clinics. "I could not get over the volume and depth of people around the table and the fact that patient partners were involved in sharing their viewpoints."

The main learning from the event is we need to have clear and open communications to both staff and patients.

"To be invited as a Patient Partner and provide insights solidifies how UHN reinforces the Patient Experience as one of its top eight priorities," says Lilac Chow, UHN Patient Partner. "It was a pleasure to take part in this exercise."

Here are several things you can do to test your own knowledge for downtime preparedness:

  • If things go wrong - do you know what needs to be done and how to do it?
  • Do you know where your unit store downtime paper forms or where to find downtime procedures?
  • Do you know who to ask for help if there's a downtime?
  • If you have ideas or feedback, talk to your manager or contact UHN IT Downtime Committee.

If you are interested in getting more involved, join the UHN IT Downtime Working Group. For more information contact UHN IT Downtime Committee.

ELLICSR Kitchen reaches 10,000

ELLICSR 10,000 subscribers poster

Congratulations to the ELLICSR Kitchen on reaching the 10,000 subscriber mark on its YouTube channel.

It all started four years ago when the ELLICSR Kitchen YouTube channel came to be. It was the home for all of ELLICSR Kitchen videos – from live demonstrations, to cooking tips, to nutrition videos. The ELLICSR Kitchen content has been a great resource for cancer survivors and healthy eaters alike.

This is the first channel within UHN's network of channels to reach such a high magnitude of subscribers. ​The ELLICSR Kitchen channel has over a million channel views and its viewership keeps growing every day.

The success is a true testament to the dedication of the ELLICSR Kitchen staff.​

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