Last call for UHN Flu Campaign

Flu reminder infographic
This is the last week of the annual UHN Flu Campaign. (Image: UHN)

A reminder that the annual UHN Flu Campaign wraps up this week, meaning there's just a few more days to get your flu shot to help keep you, patients and your family safe from influenza.

UHN staff, physicians, students and volunteers can get their shot at one of the flu carts at each hospital site. Patients and visitors, please visit Outpatient Pharmacies at Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital to ask about having your flu shot.

And, a reminder to UHN staff, physicians, students and volunteers, if you received your flu shot at a site other than UHN, please call the Occupational Health Department at your site to have it recorded.

Team at the Princess Margaret grow their mos for a good cause

moustache growers
Members of the Allogenic Blood and Marrow Transplant unit at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, (L to R) Neel Choudhary, Graham Dozois, Kevin Talbott, David Loach and Ian Pang, are participating as a team in the Movember campaign. (Photo: Courtesy Kevin Talbott)

Members of the Allogeneic Blood and Marrow Transplant unit at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre are expanding their clinical expertise to encompass all men's health initiatives through the use of our upper lips.

The men of the BMT in-patient team on 14B/C are collectively participating in Movember, a popular campaign that seeks to "change the face of men's health" by raising awareness and funds that go toward numerous health programs, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and depression.

As a visual demonstration of their commitment to this cause, the BMT men are all sporting a moustache for the duration of the month of November.

In addition to the team-building and general camaraderie that this encourages, each member of the team also has his own personal reasons for participating, including having loved ones impacted by illness or a sense of duty to tackle societal expectations of how men should act or behave when confronted by illness or suffering.

And, while these are important conversations to have, the BMT men are determined that things stay creatively upbeat and fun by engaging in a photoshoot, baking moustache cookies, re-interpreting a popular Disney tune ("Let It Grow") and more.

In-class simulations for Respect, Civility and Professionalism underway for physicians and leaders

People in in-class simulation
Participants in first simulation session having a difficult conversation involving respect, civility, and professionalism. (Photo: UHN Human Resources)

Earlier this month, the first Respect, Civility and Professionalism in-class simulation was held for UHN physicians and leaders as part of the Respect and Civility @ Work campaign.

And, another session is scheduled for January.

These simulations offer the opportunity to practice having difficult conversations in situations involving disrespect or incivility without the difficulty, expense, or danger of the real event. 

In the simulation, participants are presented with a realistic scenario involving a hypothetical team member, acted out by a simulated participant, behaving in a disrespectful or uncivil manner. Participants determine their level of involvement in the simulation, either by observing and coaching other participants or actively engaging in conversation with the simulated participants.

Following the simulation, participants reported feeling more confident and equipped to address problematic behaviours. They also said they felt comfortable practicing these conversations, describing it as a "safe environment for all."

Ensuring a respectful, civil, and professional workplace is an ongoing priority at UHN.

The 2013 Civility Survey revealed that 62 per cent of UHN employees have experienced incivility at work. In response to this, the Respect and Civility @ Work campaign was launched and education on the topic was developed for staff. 

Everyone plays a role in fostering a safe and respectful work environment. Leaders, that's anyone who directs the work of others, in particular, have a legal obligation to implement this priority within their teams. 

The next in-class simulation session is scheduled for January 22, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Toronto General Hospital. Space is limited so register now – first complete the eLearning Course (UHUHHM001W) and then register for the In-Class Simulation (HRCALR002I).

UHN places first among Canadian hospitals for patent ownership

Patent Leaders
UHN had 79 patents over the five-year period covered by the Research Infosource survey. (Image: UHN)

UHN ranked number one on the list of Hospital Patent Leaders, published by Research Infosource Inc.

The list is a part of a Spotlight on Canada's Patent Leaders, which focuses on Canada's university, public sector, hospital and corporate patent leaders as measured by ownership of patents granted between 2013 and 2017.

Over the five-year period, UHN had 79 patents, followed by The Hospital for Sick Children and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, with 47 and 33 patents, respectively. UHN's academic partner, the University of Toronto, placed fourth among Canadian universities, with 81 patents.

"Patent creation represents one of the ways that we have to attract continued investment to develop our discoveries and translate them into real impact for patients ," says Dr. Brad Wouters, Executive Vice President, Science and Research at UHN. "UHN should be proud of this achievement, as it reflects the investment that we make in discovery research and the talent of our researchers."

An accompanying article to the list estimates that "intangible assets" such as patents, trademarks and copyrights represented more than 86 per cent of the net worth of S&P500 companies last year.

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