ELLICSR Kitchen pivots and brings cooking classes home to patients

Registered dietitian, Stephanie Gladman, and Wellness Chef, Geremy Capone, pictured in the ELLICSR Kitchen pre-pandemic, are now leading patients through dynamic cooking and nutrition classes online.(Photo: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation)

ELLICSR Kitchen, part of the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, is designed to support cancer survivors with the culinary skills and nutrition resources for healthier eating practices and to help better manage some of the side effects of cancer or cancer treatments that make it hard to eat well.

Registered dietitian, Stephanie Gladman, and Wellness Chef, Geremy Capone, lead patients through dynamic cooking and nutrition classes. They share their expertise and knowledge to create healthy, easy, and delicious meals.

"As a dietitian who works with people one-on-one as well as through the ELLICSR Kitchen, I have a foot in both worlds," Stephanie says. "I see a huge educational benefit to these classes.

"During class, patients and their loved ones are inspired to cook and realize that recipes can be easy, simple and fun."

While these classes have over the years taken place in-person, the ELLICSR Kitchen team has successfully adapted during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using social media and streaming platforms, they have shifted to a virtual kitchen classroom, continuing to offer cooking and nutrition classes and the opportunity to engage with patients. 

The virtual classes have been very well received.

"It's been very rewarding to still be able to teach these classes, and while we miss our kitchen, and being able to cook with everyone in person, our virtual kitchen classroom still offers us the ability to engage and inspire in these exciting sessions," says Geremy.

Join the ELLICSR Kitchen for a live class on Thursday, March 18, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., as they celebrate Nutrition Month. Watch the live stream @ www.YouTube.com/ellicsrkitchen.

Classes take place on the third Thursday of every month. No registration is required. All are welcome.

Check out www.ELLICSRkitchen.ca for all of their recipes.

Wearing their dedication on their sleeves

3 people modelling their new hoodies
Modelling their new hoodies at the Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN, (L to R), registered nurse (RN) Gabriela Belovska, registered practical nurse, Jermaine Grant, and RN Katrina Carter. (Photo: Courtesy the Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN.)

The Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN recently put smiles on the faces of transplant staff and trainees.

As a token of thanks for their hard work and dedication, custom hoodies were made available and were recently received by all in January.

This initiative is part of a series of activities for branding and promotion of Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN, the new identity of the program.

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