This year’s flu campaign at UHN is providing essential vaccines and clean water tablets to children in need through UNICEF Canada. For the campaign launch video, our staff tell us why they received their flu shot this season. (Video: UHN)


​UHN's Flu Campaign is now in its fourth and final week.

Our Flu Campaign supports two initiatives with UNICEF Canada that will help children around the world. The last day to participate  is Friday, Nov. 13.

Have you received your flu shot yet?

As our 2015 Flu Campaign approaches its last few days, we asked the UHN staff featured in the campaign's launch video to tell us why they received the flu vaccine this year. This is what they had to say:

Why did you receive your flu shot?

Dr. Korosh Khalili, Abdominal Radiologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Cancer Clinical Research Unit:

Image of Dr. Korosh Khalili 

"I've received my flu shot this year for the safety of my little guys at home and mypatients at work. And the shot never felt better knowing that children around the world are receiving care through UHN's flu campaign donations."

​​ ​​

Carol Scovil, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist and Rehabilitation Engineer in the Spinal Cord Injury Rehab Program (TR):

Image of Carol Scovil  

"It was important for me to get the flu vaccine this year to protect our patients, as well as my 99-year-old grandmother, and 1-year-old nephew."

Dr. Raghu Venuogpal, Emergency Physician:

Image of Dr. Raghu Venuogpal 

"I got my flu shot this year because I feel it's really important to protect my patients - many of whom are elderly and immune-compromised, or maybe healthy adults - and also for myself to be healthy for working and keeping my family healthy."

Marilyn Burbidge, Medical Imaging Decision Support Co-ordinator:

Image of Marilyn Burbidge  

"Among other things, I considered it important to receive my flu shot this year because my parents live in a senior's facility in Stratford and I want to be able to visit them and not have to worry about causing any illness to them or their friends in their home."

Dr. Brian Hodges, EVP Education:

Image of Dr. Brian Hodges  

"I am one of the first people to get the flu vaccine every year. It is important to me to take every opportunity I can to protect the patients and families at UHN count on us to care for them. Getting the flu shot is part of that commitment. And then, of course, there are the chocolate bars!"

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Staff Physician, Divisions of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases:

Image of Dr. Isaac Bogoch  

"I felt that it was important to get the influenza vaccination this year (and every year) to help prevent infection in my family and the patients I see."

Edith Ng, Occupational Therapist at the Acquired Brain Injury Program (TR):

Image of Edith Ng  

"I get the flu shot every year because it is important for me to know that I have done what I can to prevent the spread of flu to my patients and colleagues."

What happens when staff get their flu shot at UHN?

This year's UHN Flu Campaign involves two initiatives with UNICEF Canada, and two contests. When a UHN staff member receives their flu shot, they…

  1. Receive a free chocolate bar.
  2. For every flu vaccine received by a staff member at UHN, an essential vaccine is donated to a child in a developing country through UNICEF Canada.
  3. For every 50 flu shots received by UHN staff, a five-month supply of clean water in the form of 73 water purification tablets is donated to a child in a developing country through UNICEF Canada.
  4. Can enter the social media contest: To qualify to win an iPad, tweet (or e-mail to an image of yourself receiving the flu shot, tag UHN_News and use the campaign hashtag #EveryFluShotCounts. The winnerwill be announced at the end of the Flu Campaign.
  5. Can enter a weekly draw: To qualify to win a draw for Cadillac Fairview gift cards to shopping centres such as Sherway, Yorkdale and Square One, complete a flu draw form, available at every flu cart. The winners are announced every Monday throughout the Flu Campaign.

What if I received my flu shot outside of UHN this season?

If you are a UHN staff member who already received your flu vaccine outside of UHN, please submit proof of vaccination to:

  1. The nearest flu cart to you, or,
  2. The nearest Occupational Health Clinic to you, or,
  3. Fax it to 416-597-3026

We will then match your vaccine with our UNICEF initiative, provide you with a free chocolate bar and enter your name in our weekly gift card draw.

When you receive your flu shot this season you are helping protect yourself, your family, our patients and children around the world. To make your shot count towards the UNICEF collaboration, and to qualify for our two contests, please visit a flu cart near you by end of day, Friday, Nov. 13.

Following Nov. 13, you can still protect yourself this flu season by receiving your flu vaccine at the nearest Occupational Health Clinic to you.

Let's make every shot count, UHN.

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