Videah Persad
Videah Persad, Receptionist in Toronto General Hospital Admitting, penned a heartfelt Thank You note to fellow Toronto General Hospital staff members who cared for her when she suffered a third degree heart block while on the job. (Photo: UHN)

On the morning of Feb. 20, 2018, Videah Persad was working at her desk in Toronto General Hospital Admitting when she began to fall over.

She was slipping in and out of consciousness and her pulse rate was down to just 17 beats per minute. Videah was suffering a third degree heart block. That's a major emergency and can lead quickly to death.

Thanks to her fast acting colleagues a Code Blue was called. The Code team and "crash cart" arrived and within minutes whisked her to the Emergency Department (ED). The ED team "miraculously" got Videah's heart rate back to normal and stabilized within 21 minutes. From there she was taken to the Cath Lab where she was implanted with a pacemaker.

Today, Videah is back at work – joking that her "expiry date has been extended." To pay tribute to the UHN staff who worked to save her life that day, Videah penned the heartfelt Thank You note below.

Videah Persad

Hi Everyone,

Every moment, every day, I reflect on my critical presentation to the Toronto General Hospital ER and the entire team's intentional effort towards to a successful outcome. It is etched in my mind. I continue to be impressed with your swift and seamless execution of care. Seems like minutes shrunk into seconds. Kudos to Carol (Admitting) and Denise (Lab) whose sharp instinct (call "Code Blue!") and reflexes initiated the first alarm, as well Christine (Pre-op Nurse).

From Admitting, I was transported to an "oasis" (Room 5, ER) where Drs. Szabo and Carr presided as expert pundits. No last rites for me, I was defiant! Then, I was piloted by Kevin and Brad to an "exotic spa" (Cath Lab). They informed me "this is as far as we go." Flanked by Kevin to my left and Brad to my right, I impulsively pursed my lips and blew Kevin a kiss. He bent down, hugged and kissed me (all consensual) while Brad chuckled. Still able to see, hear, move limbs and think – I was convinced there was something to salvage. Me! 

Still cautious about the future, I inhaled, closed my eyes, thought like Allstate "I was in good hands" and left it to the experts – Dr. Chauhan (aka "the electrician") and company where I was implanted with a pacemaker and given new life. Miraculously and magically I "arose" rejuvenated, alert and conscious.     

Finally, in the CCU, while doing my vitals, the nurse remarked "you are going to feel like a new woman."  She was absolutely right! In fact, I do. My wires are more reliable and cheaper than Hydro! As a result my expiry date has been extended from "best before" to "best until whenever." 

Your outpouring of kindness, love, support, visits and phone calls, including EMS and Security, bolstered my strength and confidence to move forward to a quick recovery and fresh start. At no time did I feel alone nor lost. 



Nuff said.. One Love,


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