Dr.’s Mark Bonta and Dhanjit Litt are better known as “MD's Squared” – real doctors answering real questions about your health. These two UHN doctors tackle health issues based on research and transparency. In this episode, they tackle the controversy over healthcare workers getting the flu shot…as well as Mark’s fear of needles.

Dr.’s Bonta and Litt are encouraging all UHN staff to get their flu shot. For this year’s flu campaign at UHN – every time a staff member gets a shot, UHN will donate one shot of vaccine to a child in a developing country through UNICEF Canada.

If you’re a staff member who wishes to have your influenza vaccination somewhere other than at UHN, don’t worry! Just bring in the document linked below or other proof of vaccination to any of the flu carts or OH&S clinics and UHN can still donate a vaccine to a child in need on your behalf.

Also, keep those Flu Shot selfies coming. Take a selfie getting the flu shot, post it to Twitter with the hashtag '#UHNFluVaccineSelfie' and tag @UHN_News. ​If you don't have Twitter, email us the photo at social@uhn.ca and we'll tweet your selfie for you!

This year, choosing the flu vaccination will help you protect those around you, and will allow a child in need to receive a vaccination.​

Choose prevention – let's go shot for shot, UHN!​​​

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