TLC_BannersTLC—Care to Conserve is UHN's comprehensive and integrated energy management program. A unique feature of TLC includes combining the energy efficiency po­tential of people and technology to maximize energy savings. TLC was launched at the TWH in 2007, at the TGH in 2008 and will be launched at PMH this fall.

The energy awareness component of the TLC program allows employ­ees to take simple steps such as turning off lights, results to date in the departments where the awareness campaigns have been implement­ed, with an average electricity reduction of percent. This is enough to supply seven homes for one year or avoid 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions by taking three cars off the road for an entire year.

TLC Champions such as Angelita from Accounts Receivable located at RFE 5 helped achieve a 17 percent reduction on that floor. Others at stickers and posters and by encourag­ing their co-workers to practice good energy efficiency habits. The results confirm that through increased aware­ness, we can use energy more efficient­ly, save money and of course keep the environment clean. Congratulations everyone!

Imagine how much more we can save by taking these simple steps in other areas across UHN. If you're inter­ested in becoming a TLC Champion, please contact Ferdous Noman at


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