Housekeeping week
Four recent UHN News stories spotlight the integral role UHN Environment Services staff play across the organization. (Photos: UHN)

Environmental Services plays an integral role in patient care and safety across UHN.

The UHN team, which includes Housekeeping, Transportation and Linen & Laundry, carry out vital work every day. This dedicated group of individuals ensure patient rooms, clinics and public spaces are clean and safe; transport patients to and from their rooms and appointments, and make sure medical gases, specimens, equipment, and mail get where they need to go. They also distribute clean, sterile linens and collect waste and soiled linens from across the organization.

UHN Environmental Services Week
September 9 – 15, 2018​

It's International Housekeeping Week – the perfect opportunity to celebrate how the UHN Environmental Services team members positively impact the patient experience.

Environmental Services is part of the Facility, Management, Planning Redevelopment and Operations (FM-PRO) team at UHN. To build a better structure to support UHN's mission, the functions of the infrastructure, facilities, operations, and maintenances teams were recently unified as one cohesive FM-PRO team. FM-PRO's goal is "to provide excellence in service and the built environment for UHN and the communities we serve."

Readers are invited to share your story of how one of these staff members has made a difference to the patient experience or workplace. Please send your submission to

Four recent UHN News stories highlight the key roles Environmental Services staff plays in patient care and safety.​

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