​​​Image of Barb Tiano
Every year throughout the month of December, Barb Tiano brings out her Christmas attire which includes festive sweaters, socks, and earrings. (Photo: Twitter/Sherri Freedman)

For many patients, family members and caregivers, Barb Tiano is one of the first people they meet when they arrive at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Barb has been a receptionist at the information desk at Princess Margaret for more than 35 years, helping people find their way and putting them at ease as they head to their appointments.

When CBC's Metro Morning radio team invited listeners to call in and suggest who should be named "Torontonian of the Year" because of their special impact on the quality of life in our city, long-time Princess Margaret Volunteer Nina Betson thought Barb would be the perfect candidate.

"I was a patient here in 1997, I had breast cancer," Nina told CBC. "Most people come directly to the information desk when they arrive and Barb has all the information. She's very helpful, kind, and funny."

Image of Nina Betson, Barb Tiano, and CBC host Gill Deacon
(L to R) Nina Betson, Barb Tiano, and CBC host Gill Deacon. (Photo: CBC)


Today, the CBC judging panel chose Barb as "Torontonian of the Year" from among the many dozens of nominees.

"I have wonderful volunteers that work with me and we help take people to their clinics and try to take their mind off what they're going to be doing at the hospital," Barb told CBC.

"I just help people and I enjoy doing it."

To learn more about Barb's work at the Princess Margaret and see her reaction to the win, click here.

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