UHN is proud to announce that we successfully completed our Accreditation process last month. This year's survey week (November 21-25) was a great success as six surveyors from Accreditation Canada, as well as many observers from Kuwait, had an opportunity to visit a wide variety of areas across TGH, TWH and PMH. Of the 2,638 standards that UHN was assessed on, we were marked as compliant with 2,592, or 98.3%, as well as being compliant with all 33 Required Organizational Practices.

Surveyors started off the week by visiting with UHN Board members and the Senior Management Team. From there, they began the process of tracing administrative and clinical paths throughout UHN to determine UHN compliance to accreditation standards. Numerous units and departments were visited by the surveyors and staff had an opportunity to showcase the amazing and innovative work that they do on a daily basis.

As the week progressed, many were sharing their experiences of the surveyors touring through their workplaces. Hundreds of frontline staff had the opportunity to speak with surveyors directly. The surveyors commented on the obvious pride the UHN staff had about their organization and their work. They also commented on our customer service with all staff being so engaged in ensuring that patient and family were treated so well. They felt that they saw our vision of "Global Impact" in action throughout UHN. The extent of the surveyors' exceptional experience at UHN was very apparent during their debrief to the hospital Friday afternoon.

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