2015 Research Report
Learn about the important research and innovation going on at UHN in the new UHN 2015 Research Report. (Photo: Alexander Knight, Helen Chan, Craig Daniels and Benjamin Pakuts)

Energy fuels health research at UHN.

That's the key message of UHN's 2015 Research Report.

Read the latest Research Report.

Through exciting stories and features, this report illustrates the diverse ways in which UHN researchers are working to improve health and health care, for example: by providing new insights into how exercise impacts health; building powerful computational tools for biomedical research; and finding new ways to repair pathways that are disrupted in diseases such as diabetes.

It also demonstrates—through funding successes, innovative research applications and support from UHN foundations—that, ultimately, the energy from thousands of individuals who work at UHN is the key to our success.

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