​​​Image of UFO surgery
Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, cardiac surgeon, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, helped lead a multi-disciplinary medical team in a complicated ‘marathon’ surgery on Christopher Scott, 33, whose heart was extensively damaged and had to be rebuilt. (Photo: UHN)

Healthy and active with no history of heart trouble, few could have predicted that Christopher Scott of Scarborough, Ontario, would quickly spiral into a life and death struggle, while becoming a 'medical rarity' that  pushed cardiac surgeons at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre to chart new, unfamiliar ground to try and save the 33-year-old's life.

Led by cardiac surgeons, Dr. Mitesh Badiwala and Dr. Christopher Feindel, Scott underwent what has been dubbed the 'UFO surgery' – underscoring just how rare the more than 10 hour surgical procedure was.

Image of Dr. Mitesh Badiwala
“He would have died anywhere else. This story is an example of what we are capable of here.” Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, cardiac surgeon, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (Photo: UHN)

Dr. Christopher Feindel
“Worst case I have seen in my 30-year-career.” Dr. Christopher Feindel, cardiac surgeon, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (Photo: UHN)​

Scott's journey and the marathon surgery that saved his life recently garnered national media attention.

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