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Arlanna Alie, a security officer at Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre, shares her philosophy on the importance of patient care: “I’m the first line of contact for our patients and I think this could be me. How would I like to be treated?” (Photo: UHN)

At the end of the week, in the hallways of Toronto Rehab Institute's (TR) Lyndhurst Centre, you'll likely be greeted by Arlanna Alie's signature big smile and warm wishes: "Have a fantastic Friday!"

Arlanna is a security officer at Lyndhurst who spends her days improving people's quality of life through a variety of work commitments.

At 5 a.m., she is a personal support worker helping the elderly in senior care homes bathe, dress and prepare for their day.

At 10 a.m., she is teaching French as a floater teacher between the Toronto District School Board and the Peel District School Board.

At 3 p.m., she is a security officer at Lyndhurst interacting with the centre's spinal cord injury patients and staff.

"I'm the first line of contact for our patients and I think this could be my grandfather, this could be my husband, this could be me. How would I like to be treated?" explains Arlanna.

"Security is more of a purpose. It's not just patrolling; it's also safety, protection, assistance and caring. I think that element comes out the most in my personality because I genuinely love what I do."

The bouquet of paper towel roses

Arlanna recalls when a patient's daughter ran up to her with a bouquet of flowers made from paper towel, placed in a small cup and held down by little rocks.

"She ran from her parents and came up to me while I was at switchboard, and said 'Happy Friday! I have a gift just for you!' She almost made me cry," recounts Arlanna.

Paper towel arrangement in small white cup
This bouquet, made of paper towels, was gifted to Arlanna by the daughter of spinal cord rehab inpatient during one of the family's visits. (Photo: Arlanna Alie)

​"The gift may have been small, but the thought and meaning behind it demonstrates what an impact we can have on the patients and their families during their stay at TR," explains Lyndhurst's Security Site Supervisor Sonny Robbins.

Patient interactions

Lyndhurst inpatient Hedi Rupp is one of many who enjoy Arlanna's positive energy.  "She comes in the afternoon and talks to everyone. It feels good. It makes me happy. She really is protecting everyone," says Hedi.

In July, Arlanna was awarded Employee of the Month for her Customer Service at Lyndhurst.

"Arlanna is a shining example of how excellent customer service can determine how the patient and their family view the facility and their time spent here," says Sonny. "Arlanna strives to make patients, visitors and staff feel welcomed within the facility during their stay."

Partners in Care in all levels of the organization

Partners in Care Service Standards are UHN's standards for excellence in customer service. One of these service standards, named the Patient Perspective, focuses on engaging patients and their families from all levels of the organization.

This Patient Perspective embodies the 4As in customer service: Acknowledge, Ask, Act and Ask Again.

"Everyone at UHN has a role to play in creating exceptional experiences for patients, families, staff, students and volunteers, and our Partners in Care Service Standards guide us in how we can interact with our patients, families and each other," explains Kerseri Scane, Partners in Care Leader at UHN.

Image of Partners in Care badge is in focus with Arlanna blurred behind it
Arlanna's customer service embodies UHN's Partners in Care Service Standards, that makes sure patients are engaged positively from all levels of the organization. (Photo: UHN)

​"Every day Arlanna brings with her a commitment of service excellence and uses the 4As to seek to understand our patients' perspective so that she can help them," says Kerseri.  "How Arlanna interacts with the people around her exemplifies her commitment to being compassionate, collaborative and responsive to human need."

A place of healing

"I love healthcare and I love helping people, so I find that my skill set can be utilized in an environment such as TR. I feel that we're all part of the healing process, we're all part of the family here," explains Arlanna.

"I understand my role more and more every day. This is a place of healing so it has to be a place of positive energy at all times."

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